Terms & Data Protection


S.O.S. Swim School, its owners, partners and employees shall under no circumstances be held liable for any accident or similar event or the consequences thereof, occurring on the premises or any other premises used for the purpose of swimming or training, and all persons attending these classes do so at their own risk. No liability will be accepted for the loss of or damage to property belonging to participants or spectators whilst on S.O.S. Swim School premises or any other premises used for the purpose of swimming lessons.

Our fees for children’s lessons are listed on the ‘children’s lessons’ page, payable termly in advance. The preferred method of payment is by BACS, however we also run a monthly direct debit scheme via a company called Go Cardless, or you can pay the lump sum via cash/cheque. Enroling on a course is your commitment to pay the fees. Any late fees will be subject to a surcharge of £10. No refunds or allowances can be given due to absence, holidays or sickness, instead we can offer a “make up lesson” where a choice of classes will be offered to allow your child to make up for the missed lessons. Please note this is subject to availability of spaces.

The written Pool Rules of S.O.S. Swim School will be abided by. Any person not complying with these rules and regulations will be asked to leave the premises. Copies are available on request and at the poolside for each session. We only run our lessons during term time. Refunds or make up lessons will be offered in the case of the pool being unavailable for us to use for any reason. S.O.S. Swim School reserves the right to change or cancel a course at any time. Arrangements will be made to reschedule where possible. Participants must declare any factors or information, notably of a medical nature, at time of booking.

On enrolment of a course of lessons and by payment of the fees due, pupils and their parents/gaurdians are agreeing to the S.O.S Swim School’s Terms and Conditions and Pool Rules. Please note from time to time these are updated as necessary and are available to inspect at the pool side. If you would like a printed copy of the Rules or Ts&Cs please just ask.

Please NO filming or taking pictures at any point while you are in the pool premises. We occasionally use filming in our teaching as an aide to show children their swimming to highlight points. These films will be erased at the poolside immediately and will not be used or shared in any way by either the teachers or the swim school.

No food or outside shoes to be worn in and around the poolside.

Data Protection

The information we take from you at the start of your swimming with us will be held in confidence on the home PC in an access database that is NOT backed up to the Cloud or online servers. Your address, children’s information (such as DOB, health conditions, swimming awards) will only be viewable by swimming teachers when necessary and no third parties.

Your email address and occasionally home address is added to the accounting software which is online so that we may send you invoices. This third party company is web based.

Your email address is also  stored on the home PC in an Access database.

Your mobile phone number is stored on the home PC in the access databased and also added to a bulk text message system which allows me to contact you for pool closures, invoice reminders, lesson specific info etc. This third party company is web basesd.

If you pay via DD then your information is passed to Go Cardless, who you then give your bank details, email and address. This is an online system.

We do not hold any paper files containing your information. Your childs name is added to our paper poolside registers which are shredded at the end of each term. Your childs name and awards are also provided to the teachers so they may assess badges. Badge and class lists are emailed to teachers each term.

Once you have stopped swimming with us your details are removed from the bulk text service and the DD service. We maintain your information on the accounting software and also the home PC Access Database. We keep this as there are many occasions where people return to us in the future, either with siblings or re starting lessons. This saves time, however we will ask you to update us on any changes.

Right be forgotten – on request we will show you any and all information we hold on you and your family. We will also remove ALL details we hold on you, on request.

Please note that I do not store your names, phone numbers, email addresses in the contacts of my phone.

CONSENT – by signing up with SOS and paying your invoice you are giving us consent to contact you for updates via phone, email or the bulk text message system. We may also call you or send you a letter.

Marketting – we will contact you if we feel there is a service we provide that may benefit you. We will not pass your details on to marketing companies.

updated April 2018



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