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Staff Profiles

Emma – I teach the Junior Lifeguard and also lessons at Oakdene, Ferndown and cover other sessions

A competitive swimmer in my youth, I then went away from the sport for many years following a career in finance and my love of horses (I’m a keen showjumper these days!). On taking my eldest son swimming at 8 weeks old I remembered what I was missing and returned to the sport there and then. I am a fully qualified STA teacher for both children and babies and also a Junior Lifeguard instructor. I am also an STA Tutor, training and qualifying new swimming teachers and I have a Swim England coaching qualification, regularly coaching for Poole Swimming Club. While I love teaching, I don’t get to do much these days, filling in as and when needed. You will find me on the poolside doing the organisation!


Dawn – teaches at Colehill, Wimborne

Dawn is a very popular teacher who has been with SOS for many years and teaches our group 3 and 4 swimmers. Dawn is super experienced and highly qualified at all teaching levels and disciplines including top level coaching, babies and those with disabilities. She loves teaching and especially loves buying themed toys for the children to use during lessons! Dawn is also hoping to become and STA tutor next year.

Joy – teaches at Colehill, Wimborne

Joy has been with SOS for some time, taking a break to have baby Sofia-Rose. Joy teaches our more experienced group 3 and 4 swimmers. She loves swimming, its her passion. She is a keen competitive swimmer who swims for miles each week, putting us all to shame! Joy is very well liked by all her pupils with her kind, supportive approach. Joy is also a swimming coach with Swim Bournemouth.

Jeff – teaches at Colehill, Wimborne

Jeff is qualified to teach at the highest level with the STA. Jeff teaches our higher level classes and gets fantastic results. Jeff is the head coach at Wareham swimming club and is a competitive swimmer himself. Jeff is very liked by all of the boys and girls and is fun while producing good swimmers.

Laura – teaches at Canford Heath & St Michael’s

Laura is a very experienced teacher who teaches all levels for SOS, from preschool to group 4. Laura is the senior teacher at our Montacute sessions and teachers beginners at St Michael’s on Tuesday. A keen synchronised swimmer, Laura is friendly and calm being popular with all the children.

Jennie – teaches parent & baby only

Jennie is the senior teacher for our Baby and Preschool classes. She is a fully qualified STA Baby and Preschool teacher. Jennie adores teaching the little ones for SOS and both babies and parents really love her. She is always sending me links for new, fun toys to buy for the classes and really enjoys seeing the smaller children progress in their water confidence.

Beckie, teaches at Colehill, Wimborne 

Beckie has been with SOS for some time, starting as a helper and progressing to taking the classes herself. Beckie is very committed and in under a year has moved through both her level 1 and 2 teaching exams,being a fully qualified STA teacher. She was a successful competitive county level swimmer herself. She teaches the group 1 and 2 swimmers for SOS. Beckie is young and super enthusiastic! All of our younger swimmers do really well with her and she is excellent at improving water confidence in even the most nervous children.

Beckie is also our Aquafit teacher!

Ella –  teaches on at Oakdene and St Michael’s

Ella is a fully qualified swimming teacher. She has been a helper with us for some time, working with both beginners and weak swimmers. Ella is an accomplished county level swimmer herself. She teaches both group 1 and 2 swimmers. Ella is young, keen and the children love her.




Sophie has recently joined SOS as a helper and is Laura’s daughter. She is a keen competitive swimmer and is relishing her new role as a helper. Sophie is also keen to become a teacher in time and will soon hold her STA Student Teacher qualification.


Mae attends school at QE and has been a helper at SOS for some time. She learned to swim through us, gaining her 2000m badge (over a mile!) in impressive style. She is great helper and plans to become a teacher just as soon as she is old enough and we hope its with us!


Elsie has only fairly recently started being a helper. She learned to swim with us and is very good at it! She is a student at St Michael’s and really enjoying her new role. We think she will make a great teacher eventually.


Rosie is the newest member of the team. She is currently a helper and we hope will train to teach once she is old enough. Rosie is a keen competitive swimmer and is also a member of the Poole lifeguarding club.


Fleur has been with us a short time and is very much enjoying helping with our beginner swimmers. She is a student at QE school and a confident swimmer herself.

Eryn is currently a helper and we hope will train to teach once she is old enough. Eryn is a keen competitive swimmer and is also a member of the Poole lifeguarding club.


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