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Community Swimming at St Michaels School




No refunds or allowances can be given due to absence, holidays or sickness, instead we can offer a “make up lesson” where a choice of classes will be offered to allow your child to make up for the lessons missed. Please note this is subject to availability of spaces.

Enrolment for a course of lessons can begin at any time during the term, subject to space availability.

We aim to have siblings of different abilities swimming at the same time, subject to space availability. 

We add the cost of a badge and certificate to your invoice, the badge and certificate will be awarded at the end of term. Should your child not reach the level necessary to achieve a certificate the amount will be credited to the invoice for the following term.

In the event that any lesson/s have to be cancelled we will continue through half term or offer an extra lesson at the end of the term, providing the pool is available for hire. Only if the pool is not available will the refund for the lesson/s will be credited to the invoice for the following term, or a refund given if you are leaving us at the end of the term.

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