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Community Swimming at St Michaels School



                                             COURSE DATES SPRING 2015


       DAY                              COURSE DATES                  DURATION       EXCLUDING  

Monday (Rookie Lifeguards)        12th Jan – 23rd March           10 weeks       16th Feb

      Tuesday                               6th Jan  – 24th March            11 weeks     17th Feb       

      Thursday                              8th Jan – 26th March              11 weeks      19thFeb

  Thursday (Rookie Lifeguards) 15th Jan – 26th March               10 weeks       19th Feb

      Friday                                9th Jan - 27th March               11 weeks       20th Feb


Swimming lessons = 11 week course plus £2.50 for a badge and certificate Total = £63.00

Rookie Lifeguards (Monday) = 10 week course plus £2.50 for a badge and certificate Total = £57.50

The Thursday session for Rookie Lifeguards is an after school club for the children of St Michael's School


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