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Community Swimming at St Michaels School


 WOW Chris did it!!! One of our teachers

swam the channel as part of a team and

so far they have raised over £3,000 for

Mosaic which is a Dorset wide charity

offering a pathway of support for

bereaved children, young people and

their families.

If you would like to make a donation through the

Just Giving website let me know and I will give

you the link.


A message from Chris and the team:

We did it!! Friday 15th August 2014 we set out

from Dover Shakespeare Beach in the morning.

15hours 14 minutes later after enduring sea

sickness, jelly fish, huge tankers, night time

dark swims and a good choppy sea we arrived

in France.

Thank you so much for the huge generosity and

support you have given the ChilliNutters.

It was great to know that so many of you were

watching our track across the Channel online and

sending us those 'keep going' vibes!

Thanks a million, from The Chilli Nutters, Mark,

Tom, Paolo, Jude, Chris &

Ali (our late stand-in swimmer)


We have just finished a very successful

diving course, the kids were brilliant and

improved dramatically over the 3 morning

sessions. They were all complete beginners

on day 1, take a look at the photos and

you can see some great little divers developed.


Some comments from the kids:

Joe (age  8): Fun


Dylan (age 10): Amazingly fun, and well taught.

I hope we can come another time.


Helena (age 6):

I thought it was brilliant, I loved the dive I done with

the straight legs the best! I also loved my certificate

and would love to do it again!! Thank you


Hollie (age 10): I really enjoyed the diving and I

would love to do it again.








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